Production of biodiesel under ultrasounds (New)

In this project we perform the reaction of transesterification of vegetable oils to produce biodiesel. The process is accelerated when this reaction is performed in a continuous reactor equiped with an ultrasound generator. In this case very high conversions are obtained at residence times as low as 20 second compared to hours in current technology. The objective is to study the various parameters involved in order to rationally design the industrial reactor.
The products of reaction including residual tri-, di, and monoglycerides in addition to the various fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) which constitute biodiesel, are analyzed using a state of the art ultra high pressure liquid chromatograph (UHPLC). This instrument is equiped with several detectors including high resolution mass spectrometer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Serge Kaliaguine


Himanshu Tyagi



Engineering - chemical / biological





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