Production of Flow-Through Z-Pinches Using Advanced Methods

This project will develop a low cost prototype fusion reactor to create energy from water. We will find a better way to add the power to run it and to increase the efficiency of operation over previous versions of the machine. The interns will increase Fuse’s knowledge of the workings of the reactor and the devices that help run it and monitor it. Fuse will then be able to build a new and improved reactor that will achieve a long sought after goal of the scientific community of getting as much energy out of a fusion reactor as is put into it. This will attract a large amount of capital for Fuse to continue its research. Fuse, the University of Saskatchewan and Canada will be widely celebrated for this achievement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lénaïc Couëdel;Chijin Xiao;Michael Bradley;Andrei Smolyakov


Jeisson Vanegas;Nishka Sheth;Brad Dempsie


Fuse Energy Technologies Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Saskatchewan



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