Production of Renewable Drop-In Fuel from Syngas Derived from an Ethanol Industry

The fuel-grade ethanol obtained from corn-based feedstocks, utilizes about 33% of the total carbon present in corn based feedstocks. The remaining fraction is converted into dry distillers’ grains (DDG) and carbon dioxide, which is then converted to syngas (CO+H2). In this research the syngas from ethanol plant will be converted to transportation fuel and derived chemicals using our patented Fischer- Tropsch (FTS) catalyst. The catalysts will be pelletized and tested in 5 cc micro-reactor. The process parameters such as, temperature, pressure will be evaluated to obtain optimal yields. The catalyst will be tested and optimized in a pilot scale with 100 cc catalyst in a reactor. The data generated will be utilized to design a facility to produce 7 bbl/day FTS liquid fuel and then the industrial scale plant. The project will be beneficial to partners by way of technology commercialization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ajay Dalai


Vahid Vosoughi


EAJV Technology Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Oil and gas


University of Saskatchewan



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