Production of renewable fuels from biomass pyrolysis using a dual spinning-disc reactor

Biomass is a key feedstock for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals with potential zero carbon emissions and at low cost. State of the art conversion of biomass to bio-fuels focuses on the pyrolysis of the feedstock at high temperature in conventional reactors. However, current technologies face many challenges to achieve lower costs than fossil fuels, higher yields, improved energy efficiency and product quality. This project aims to evaluate the production of renewable fuels from biomass using a dual spinning-disc reactor. With this technology, a combination of frictional pyrolysis and vortex mixing/separation offers the possibility to achieve high temperatures, shorter reactor residence and controlled operating conditions resulting in higher yield and selectivity towards the desired products. This project will build from proprietary knowledge of Vorsana Environmental Inc. and will set the grounds for use of novel reactor configurations for production of renewable fuels with higher efficiency and lower costs than conventional technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nader Mahinpey


Azhar Uddin;Yohannis Mitiku Tobo




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Calgary



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