Production of synthesis gas via Dry Reforming of Methane: Fundamentals and Applications

The aim of this proposed research is the development of an efficient technology to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) via Dry Reforming of Methane (DRM) to produce value-added products. DRM, one the promising CO2 utilization technologies, has gained much attention as not only it reduces greenhouse gases (GHG), but also converts them to a valuable product, syngas. There are two main knowledge gaps associated with DRM process, which hinders the industrial application: 1. Catalyst deactivation, and 2. The high energy requirement for the CO2 conversion reaction. This proposed research is designed to bridge these gaps by using novel catalysts to mitigate coke formation, followed by high-level heat recovery and plant-wide optimization. These innovations will ensure that the technology will advance towards commercialization. This study will allow us to meet major milestones required to reduce GHGs emissions and transition to a lower carbon economic system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nader Mahinpey


Sanaz Daneshmandjahromi;Rufan Zhou;Mansour Tijani;Amr Abdalla Ibrahim Abdalla;Garima Jain;Paulo Affonso Latoh de Souza;Felipe Gomes Camacho;Mohanned Mohamedali


Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Mining and quarrying


University of Calgary



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