Production Planning and Optimization in Eden Valley Poultry

Eden Valley Poultry (EVP) is one of the main suppliers of chicken products in Atlantic Canada with 10.3M broilers and turkeys processed in 2018. Currently, the EVP planner manually manages various factors that contribute to the selection of barns for broiler pick up to be processed every day. This research proposal aims to improve the current procurement planning process by finding a way to optimize the procurement planning of broilers and turkeys processed in the EVP’s plant. For this to happen, mathematical programming techniques will be utilized extensively and novel solution approaches that combine heuristics and exact solution techniques will be developed to deal with the large-scale models. The outcomes of this research project are expected to enable the company to improve its order fulfillment, improve efficiency and productivity, and thereby enhance its competitiveness in the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ahmed Saif;Hassan Sarhadi


Kenneth Dolson


Eden Valley Poultry








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