Production planning at Wesgar

Wesgar is a factory that produces metal sheets for its customers. After a product is ready, it will be delivered to the customer. The objective of this project is to improve the On Time Delivery. At Wesgar they have different machines in their production system. These machines are able to process different products based on the shape, size and material. Each product must pass some specific machines to be processed through the production plan. A schedule that determines which product must pass which machine at what time is required for the production system at Wesgar. Currently they use a software everyday to schedule their production system. They are basically using a traditional forward and backward technique to schedule their system. In order to reach the objective we are planning to improve the scheduling technique. Other scheduling methods and software packages must be evaluated to find an alternative that creates a better schedule that leads us to a more efficient system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tamon Stephen


Mahsa Faizrahnemoon


Wesgar Inc




Advanced manufacturing




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