Professional Sport Club Value: Competition Time

Four leagues, the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB, dominate professional sport in North America. One of the disparities between all four leagues is the number of regular season games played, or for the purpose of this study competition time. There are also large differences between league revenues and thus the study will examine if there is a relationship between league revenue and competition time. A series of studies will be analyzed to determine if in fact there is a relationship between competition time and league. The results of the study will show the amount of competition time that is beneficial for each league in order to generate the highest amount of revenue. This study is beneficial to the partner organization, as it will provide a large professional sport database for client proposals and projects. The results can also be used to leverage future projects, attracting new clients in the professional sport sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Norman O'Reilly


Ryan Murray


TrojanOne Ltd.




Media and communications


University of Ottawa



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