Program Design and Evaluation of Conservation Messaging at Ducks Unlimited Canada Events and Centres

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is an established non-governmental organization (NGO) which promotes conservation. In recent years, support for the organization has dwindled. For the organization to continue its work and maintain necessary support, DUC must improve their understanding of how they gain and retain both volunteer and financial supporters. The objectives of the internship are to determine (1) the importance of early/youth engagement in DUC for their later, continued support for the organization, and (2) the impact of introducing conservation messaging at DUC dinner events on support-related behaviour. Results will assist DUC to make decisions about youth education programming, event planning, and outreach, all of which will assist in fund raising. Through this project, the intern will be able to identify key factors that influence long-term retention of volunteer and financial supporters, and to identify important ways which DUC can move forward to encourage conservation behaviour.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kate Sherren


Mhari Lamarque


Ducks Unlimited Canada


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Dalhousie University



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