Program evaluation for JUMP Math: An empirical assessment of a resource for math education – Year two

Canadian math scores are in decline. Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of numerical proficiency for outcomes such as health, employability and financial stability. Therefore, the effectiveness of a child’s math education is key to future success. It is of utmost importance, then, to identify effective math education programs. The proposed project will evaluate JUMP Math – a not-for-profit math curriculum – in a selection of schools within the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB). Along with investigating growth on several key numerical outcomes measures, this study will determine the effectiveness of JUMP Math for reducing anxiety regarding math in both children and teachers. These data will provide valuable information on the effectiveness of the JUMP Math program. Another focus is a literature review to communicate the evidence base for JUMP Math. This will provide clear links to the research that supports design and implementation of JUMP Math. In sum, our collaboration with JUMP Math will provide an empirical investigation and validation of an alternative curriculum for math pedagogy; work that holds great promise to positively impact the state of math education in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Ansari


Celia Goffin








Western University



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