Project Blue Sky

Project Blue Sky is a website and data entry widget that was created through a partnership with the Province of BC, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Masters of Digital Media students at the Great Northern Way Campus. Its goal is to encourage individuals to avoid driving and pledge that carbon reduction against the 2010 Winter Games indirect carbon footprint. Offsetters is now sponsoring the ongoing research and further refinements to Project Blue Sky’s social media strategies and online tools in order to develop potential new carbon emission reduction options which leverage public engagement. There are four main areas of research that have been identified to test and refine this technology’s capabilities and its associated public engagement strategies. 1. Targeted messaging and changes in online functionality will be tested against their ability to create and foster an online community and spur action around a central issue. 2. Strategies to leverage existing social networks (both large and niche) in the introduction of a new call to action will be developed and tested. 3. New technologies and theories of design will be used to test their affect on the messaging and the user engagement in a social network. 4. Determine strategies in social media engagement for reaching student and athlete segments across Canadian regions and internationally.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Brian Bemmels


Luke Johnson, Alison Lundy, Zhiyong Lu and Brian Ford






Environmental industry


University of British Columbia



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