Promoting economic development and vitality of rural communities in Ontario – Year two

Many rural regions do not have a sufficient labour force providing the skills that rural businesses need. Many job vacancies go unfilled or are filled by less than ideal candidates. This research looks at strategies to attract and retain the workers that Ontario rural communities need to generate economic development and vitality. By engaging local actors, the researcher will analyze the various dimensions influencing attraction and retention of an appropriate labour force such as affordable and attainable housing, transportation, access to health services, education/training services. The role of migration in the context of key local industry sectors will be included in the analysis. Best practices and stories of success will be identified, collected and shared. This research contributes to achieve two of the objectives of the Rural Ontario Institute which are 1) Facilitating dialogue and collaboration on rural issues; and 2) Collecting and sharing ‘stats and stories’ for impact and effective outreach.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Gibson


Lissel Hernandez Gongora


Rural Ontario Institute


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)


University of Guelph



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