Prototype of a CHP system based on an upgraded gravity-feed wood-pellet furnaceintegrated with a steam-powered micro turbine for small- to mid-scale applications usingCFD simulation and experimental 2

Biomass combustion is used to generate combined heat and power (CHP). The combustion furnace of this study (WiseWay) has been providing heat in small scales using wood pellets. The target of this project, however, is to upgrade the stove’s design (for larger scale purposes and other biomass types) and integrate it with a steam microturbine (NextGrid). The resulting system is attractive to the environment and economy because it provides heat and electricity in one package, at a cheaper price compared with oil and gas, with less pollutants emitted. To meet this goal, computational and experimental investigations of the system will be carried out to develop a versatile combustion model based on solving the equations of flow and combustion. The model will then be used to upgrade the furnace. Our industrial partner will be able to deliver a more environmentally-friendly CHP system, which increases its competitiveness as an alternative to coal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stefan Cenkowski


Mohsen Akbarzadeh


Myera Group Inc.






University of Manitoba



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