Prototype testing of a liquid cooling system for electric vehicle inverters

Thermal management of power electronic devices in an electric vehicle inverter is a critical factor influencing cost, size, efficiency and reliability of the system. Liquid cooling is a viable option; however, for peak power operation, the existing liquid cooling system must be optimized. A new impinging-jet-based liquid cooling system with enhanced heat transfer was designed and developed at the University of Windsor in collaboration with MAGNA International. Initial evaluations have shown that the new system has significant advantages over existing liquid cooling systems. However, comprehensive experimental testing must be carried out before this technology is commercialized. Therefore, a prototype of the new cooling system will be built and comprehensively tested. The objective of this proposal is to evaluate the performance of the new impinging-jet-based liquid cooling system at different driving load conditions. This would enable the way towards commercialization of this technology and for more efficient and reliable electric vehicles.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ram Balachandar


Vimaldoss Jesudhas




Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation




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