Provision and Exploitation of Biosolids in Quebec

The project consists of a study on the disposal and upgrading of dried and dehydrated sludges from  the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. The study would be limited to the province of Quebec. As a specialist in the treatment of wastewater, Degremont supplies high performance technologies for the dehydration and drying of wastewater treatment sludges. The most appropriate system for handling the sludge needs to be optimized. The project consists of a review of the regulation for biosolids disposal, define the authorized levels of toxic metals, pathogens, etc, define the certification process (BNQ), evaluate the different ways of elimination and upgrading the sludge, evaluate the costs of the various options and evaluated the different storage options adapted for Quebec. The different technologies will need to be evaluated based on ecological, social and economic aspects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Catherine Mulligan


Mehdi Pourabadehei


Degremont Ltée


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


Concordia University



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