QU02 MRI: a new window on mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease

This project seeks to develop new methods for imaging oxidative and vascular function in the brain. The methods under development are based on widely available MRI hardware, which will make them feasible for use in future clinical drug trials, an application that is of interest to the partner organization CQDM. Before the approach is ready for commercial application, a number of methodological issues must be addressed to achieve optimal sensitivity, specificity, and tolerability in patients. The project thus consists of an initial development phase, during which MRI acquisition procedures will be optimized, followed by a clinical phase in which 100 Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients as well as 100 age-matched controls will undergo imaging with the final protocol. The new data provided on oxidative and vascular changes in the brains of AD patients will provide a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms in AD, and new biomarkers of potential interest in future clinical trials of AD drugs. Ultimately, Canadians suffering from brain disorders would benefit from a personalised therapeutic intervention depending on their disease’s specific signature.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Richard Hoge


Felipe Tancredi, Isabelle Lajoie & AmanPreet Badhwar


NeuroRx Research Inc.


Human physical performance and recreation


Life sciences


Université de Montréal



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