Qualification and Validation of Robust Functionality of a Test-Bench for Evaluation of GDL Properties under Series-Processing Conditions

In Early 2013, an NSERC Engage grant and a Coop term project enabled collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. Fuel Cell Division (MBFC) and Dr. Merida’s group at the University of British Columbia (UBC). A test-bench apparatus for the evaluation of fuel cell material properties during manufacturing processes was designed. The present proposal builds on the previous activities and aims to make the test-bench apparatus available for material pre-qualification. MBFC will benefit from participating in this collaboration by obtaining a functional and validate test-bench for the assessment of the current and future materials, and a developed test procedure to generate material specifications and to assure material quality during a large scale production. Furthermore, this procedure will be a base-line-test-procedure with high functional relevance for material suppliers. The outcome of these tests will speed up the material development process and the comparability of the development stages. The activities described in this proposal are of critical important and represent the first step towards the preparation of a Patent and a Standard test method for Fuel Cell Industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Walter Merida


Maximilian Schwager


Mercedes-Benz Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Fuel cells


University of British Columbia



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