Qualitative Data Collection for Development of an Electronic Application to Promote Home-Based Self-Care in Older Heart Failure Patients: Patient and Informal Caregiver Perspectives

Heart failure (HF) is one of the leading causes of hospitalization and rehospitalization in older adults, yet the majority of HF-related readmissions are preventable if patients can manage their treatment at home. One method to help patients who require extra assistance in following their treatment is through mHealth applications. However, these applications are not usable for many older patients due to their complicated design. Within this study, we will have HF patients and their caregivers evaluate our current HF-app to determine if it helps tackle the challenges they face with their treatment. We will use this feedback to help design a more simple, user-oriented application with our partner Pulse Infoframe. The development of this application will be used as an additional tool for Pulse Infoframe’s current patient portals and patient-reported outcome framework. Furthermore, this user-centered HF-app will serve a greater purpose by helping patients better manage their care at home.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Demers


Sahr Wali


Pulse InfoFrame Inc.




Medical devices




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