Quality control for printed electronics manufactures – Part 2

Printed electronics is a fabrication method that allows for the high-volume production of flexible electronic devices, but is limited because it is still too expensive due to the lack of an efficient and effective quality control solution. This project focuses on the transformation of a laboratory-proven quality control method into an industrial-scale prototype product. By replicating lab-scale results with systems that can be mounted directly on the production line of printed electronics devices, we will show printed electronics companies that there is a better way to monitor their processes, saving them time and money, and allowing them to improve their methods. These advancements will help next-generation electronics come to market sooner, and with higher quality, as well as demonstrating a strong application for next-generation THz laser technologies in the manufacturing sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Cooke


Benjamin Dringoli




Physics / Astronomy


Professional, scientific and technical services


McGill University


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