Quality Vigilance of Baked Goods through DigitalImage Analysis – I, II

Product quality is a factor in insuring business success and user satisfaction. It is acheived through vigilance within quality systems. This project will explore how quality-by-design can be supported through serial recording of material signatures extracted from image analysis of baked goods produced by the industrial partner TWI Foods. An innovative digital image recording system will be used, the BioTIFF/Intercase system, developed by gDial Inc in collaboration with the Dr Peter Pennefather of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. This imaging and serial data analysis system will be applied in the work of the intern and Pharmaceutical Science MSC candidate in a project that aims to identify surroagte markers of baked good qualities. These markers will be measured within digital images of a given products at different stages of their baking process for tracking quality development. This strategy also can be applied in planned development of new products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Peter Pennefather


Haris Qasim


TWI Foods Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Consumer goods


University of Toronto



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