Quantification and Improvement of Juvenile American Eel Passage Through Fishways and Wetland Water Control Infrastructure.

The American Eel is a species of significant ecological, social and commercial value and a species of conservation concern in part due to reduced habitat connectivity to both freshwater habitat as juveniles, commonly known as glass eels or elvers. During the proposed research period the intern will work to quantify passage of elvers through existing infrastructure that is representative of the majority of infrastructure within Ducks Unlimited projects within Atlantic Canada. This knowledge will permit DUC to quantify the ability of elvers to access freshwater habitat inside its projects and work to develop widely applicable solutions to increase elver passage. This will enhance the populations of eels within DUC projects and enhance the productivity long term viability of DUC wetland projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Stokesbury


Brandon Nilsen


Ducks Unlimited Canada




Fisheries and wildlife


Acadia University



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