Quantifying the Effects of Stress and Mycorrhizal Relations on the Production of Phytocannabinoids in Rhododendron dauricum and its Fungal Symbiont Albatrellus ovinus

Rhododendron dauricum produces medicinal compounds that are similar to cannabinoids (e.g. CBD). Cannabis plants are exposed to stress to increase their production of cannabinoids. The effect of stress on the production of medicinal compounds in R. dauricum is unknown. R. dauricum has a symbiotic relationship with a fungus, Albatrel/us ovinus, that produces similar medicinal compounds. The effect of A. ovinus on R. dauricum’s medicinal compound concentration is unknown. This project aims to discover growing conditions to increase the yield of these compounds. Additionally, this project will create analytical methods that can be used to identify new cannabinoid-like medicinal compounds. Because these compounds are similar to cannabinoids they can be used as a reference material to identify and quantitate cannabinoids. Supra Research and Development is interested in producing reference materials to help screen natural health products for medicinally important compounds.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Deyholos


Emily O'Brien


Supra Research and Development




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