Quantifying the effects of the Green Energy Act and the determinants of resistance to wind turbine development in Ontario

In 2009 the Government of Ontario enacted the Green Energy Act (GEA) to promote the development of renewable energy projects. Subsequently, the importance of wind generation both for electricity generation and in public debate has grown dramatically in Ontario. While the GEA simplified the regulatory process for developing renewable energy projects, wing turbine siting has become increasingly contentious in many Ontario communities. This project will undertake analysis of a newly constructed database following Ontario wind turbine projects through the regulatory process, construction, and operation, including media coverage and legal proceedings, in order to identify the determinants of local community resistance to wind development. During the course of the project, the interns will match the turbine development and media data with detailed geographic, socio-demographic and economic data to enable statistical analysis of the factors contributing to stakeholder resistance and the effects of Ontario’s renewable energy policies on wind generation development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Margaret Loudermilk


Vittal Kartik Rao


Suncor Energy Inc.




Management of companies and enterprises


Western University



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