Quantifying the value added by the first large ensemble of high-resolution climate-change simulations over Québec

Regional Climate Models (RCMs) allow generating climate-change projections into the future over a limited region of the globe at high spatial resolution. The production of large ensembles of simulations from a same RCM is an emerging field of research allowing to explore in detail the interaction between climate change, natural climate variability and extreme events, at the local scale where climate impacts occur. This project takes advantage of the first high-resolution large ensemble over Québec that was recently produced by Ouranos in the scope of the Québec-Bavarian collaborative ClimEx project (www.climex-project.org). This research will address the question of ?added value? by high-resolution large ensembles compared to lower-resolution smaller ensembles in order to guide Ouranos’ partners and other climate data users on how to best integrate such a dataset into the climate-change impacts and adaptation framework.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rene Laprise


Moussa Bopp


Ouranos Inc


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry




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