Quantifying the Volume and Biomass of Logging Residue Piles using Drones

This project aims to use drones and machine learning to measure the net volume of wood residue left in piles after harvesting. The dry content of these piles, known as BIOMASS, can be utilized and reduce the use of non-renewable energies and materials. Since this residue is usually burned, the utilization can also decrease the risk of wildfires, that are increasing in severity and frequency. The consultancy Terra Sense has shown, through operational testing over more than one hundred cutblocks in the southern interior of British Columbia, that the combination of drones and machine learning tools can accurately measure the gross volumes of the piles. The next step is to develop net down factors for these piles and apply machine learning algorithms, which are at the experimental development stage, to calculate the present biomass. This project aims to bring efficiency and sustainability to the forestry and other related sectors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Parfitt;Adela Tesarek Kincaid


Raimundo Correia Ferreira Neto


TerraSense Analytics Ltd


Geography / Geology / Earth science





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