Quantifying Visual Impairments using Robotics following Sport-Related Concussion

Concussions are a common traumatic brain injury and currently one of the most prominent medical concerns in contact/collision sports, at all ages and levels of competition. They are also one of the most complex injuries to manage in high-risk sports to ensure a safe return to training and competition. Our goal is to develop an objective and valid tool using novel robotic technology (KINARM) that can reliably quantify and monitor visual search and attention impairments seen with concussion. Furthermore, we wish to develop a rehabilitation program to train and restore visual motor deficits using robotics. The use of the KINARM has the potential to evolve the current standard of care for sport-related concussions, and to assist Own The Podium with ensuring high performance Olympic, National and National Development athletes’ safely return to unrestricted training and competition following concussive injury.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Benson


Joseph Nashed


BKIN Technologies Ltd





University of Calgary



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