Quantitative estimation of the radiance distribution in the lab and the seas


It is of great value to understand the variation of the light field as viewed from different directions in the sea. Satlantic Inc. developed a radiance camera (RadCam) for imaging the visible light field over an entire hemisphere with a high dynamic range. In the current project, I propose a quantitative estimation of the radiance distribution in the lab and in different sea water environments with this new camera. I will design and carry out a series of advanced calibration procedures for the camera system so that the grayscale camera images are accurately converted to radiance values. Then I will apply the same procedures to radiance measurements in the seas. A general picture of the underwater radiance distribution and its variation is expected after this study, which makes a principal contribution to the academic knowledge base. This project solves the critical calibration problems facing the partner and enables the partner to leverage the cutting-edge research to further their development.



Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Marlon Lewis


Jianwei Wei


Satlantic Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Dalhousie University



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