Quasi-Experimental Study of a Community-Based, Collaborative Nutrition Education Initiative

The gNutrition for Youh initiative is a recent and unique partnership sponsored by Thrifty Foods, and delivered through 18 municipal recreation centres, with Springwell Nutrition Group, and evaluated by the University of Victoria. In 2008]09, over 1,300 participants attended education seminars. More than 225 also attended grocery stores tours. Process evaluation data suggested that the initiative was very well received. This project will investigate the impact of the seminars/tours on participantsf nutrition knowledge and practices one month following the experience, compared to a similar group of people who do not attend the seminars/tours. As well, there will be an evaluation of the more in]depth ActNow Prescription Program, a medical referral program for patients/clients to recreation centers designed to improve their physical activity and healthy eating practices. The partners are interested in determining if and how these informal learning opportunities work to improve health, and better serve the needs of their customers and patrons.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Joan Wharf Higgins


Janine Drummond


Thrifty Foods




Service industry


University of Victoria



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