Radiofrequency Treatment for Emphysema in Mouse Model

Emphysema, a lung disease that millions of Canadians currently suffer from, has few safe and non-invasive options available. One of the features of emphysema is the lack of proper blood flow in the diseased lungs and this results in poor gas exchange. IKOMED Technologies Inc. has been developing a new technology that has the potential to remove diseased lungs non-surgically. The initial proof-of-concept experiments have already been tested and validated using rat models with Dr. Don Sin. In the second phase of testing, they will continue to optimize this application using small mice for physiological studies to check both safety and effectiveness of this new treatment method. IKOMED Technologies Inc. is the sponsor of this work and will be acknowledged in potential publications. The data collected may be used for future patenting of this new treatment technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Don Sin


Mai Tsutsui


IKOMED Technologies Inc




Medical devices




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