Randomized Controlled Trial of a Behavior Change Intervention to Increase Aerobic and Resistance Exercise and Quality of Life in Older Prostate and Breast Cancer Survivors: The OutPACE Trial

Age is a key factor in cancer burden, with 28% of new cancer cases and 22% of cancer deaths occurring in individuals between the ages of 60-69. Despite this, little research has examined cancer survivorship in older adults. This is unfortunate, as older cancer survivors experience poorer quality of life, functional status, and general health compared with individuals with no cancer history. Older cancer survivors also are at an increased risk of developing recurring and secondary cancers, as well as other chronic diseases (e.g., cardiovascular). Research has established that exercise and physical activity can improve cancer survivors fatigue levels, strength, quality of life, well-being, health and physical functioning while preventing cancer recurrence. However, few cancer survivors are meeting physical activity guidelines for aerobic or resistance training. The purpose will be to explore the utility of a behaviour change intervention on aerobic and resistance exercise in older prostate and breast cancer survivors; and explore effects of the intervention on quality of life, fatigue, and physical functioning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Erin McGowan


Richard Buote


H P Fitness Inc.




Sports and recreation


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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