R&D of high-performance Fe-based Catalysts for direct synthesis of lower olefins from syngas

The synthesis of chemicals and fuels through processes that do not involve oil, but rather coal is of great importance to China. The research aims to develop a new method to produce lower olefins (short hydrocarbon chains) with the use of Iron-based catalysts and syngas derived from coal. The purpose of the Iron-based catalysts is to influence the process to produce products of interest.With the use of metal catalyst, the size of the hydrocarbons produced can be narrowed down. The expected outcome of the conducted research should be a new iron-based catalyst with high selectivity towards lower olefins and to construct a relationship between the structure and performance of the iron-based catalyst while combined with characterization techniques and operando/in situ spectroscopies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jesse Zhu


Ameen Meddaoui



Engineering - chemical / biological



Western University


Globalink Research Award

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