Real-Time Signal Optimization and Emissions Estimation Using Big Data Sources

In recent years technological developments have created a new paradigm where data can be obtained easily and with less effort than in the past. This shift is often called “Big Data”, and its effects can be seen as in many different fields. This proposal follows the same vein, and focusses on taking advantage of the increasing prevalence of connected devices. Modern devices broadcast unique addresses as they attempt to connect to WiFi or Bluetooth networks, and these addresses can be used to obtain estimates of traffic parameters such as volume, travel time, turning movements, and even the emissions generated by vehicles. These parameters can then be used to optimize the traffic system by changing signal timings and then collect feedback on the results of these changes. This project will take advantage of the wide array of resources and support available at WHUT to develop new and innovative technologies that use these data sources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Liping Fu


Matthew Muresan



Engineering - civil





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