Real world testing of online cognitive training and rehabilitation programs

With an aging population on the rise, the prevalence of cognitive decline is expected to increase substantially. Goal Management Training® (GMT) and the Memory and Aging Program® (MAP) are cognitive interventions that have been studied extensively and applied clinically to address these needs. Although previous research has demonstrated efficacy of the in-person versions of both MAP and GMT, significant barriers exist in the utilization of these programs. In light of these challenges, online versions of MAP and GMT have recently been developed. The current project aims to evaluate if online versions of MAP and GMT are successful at improving cognitive functioning, knowledge about normal cognitive aging, engagement in lifestyle behaviours/strategies to mitigate cognitive changes and reducing intention to seek unnecessary medical attention for memory-related concerns. Findings will be used for knowledge dissemination and will aid in the commercialization of these evidence-based online cognitive interventions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexandra J. Fiocco


Danielle D'Amico






Health care and social assistance


Ryerson University



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