Rechargeable Hybrid Aqueous Gel Batteries for Start-Stop Applications in Automobile Vehicles

Currently, all types of vehicles utilize a 12 volt lead-acid battery for start-stop, controls, comfort features, redundancy, and safety features. We aim to replace it by introducing a new rechargeable hybrid aqueous battery, which is lead-free and possesses more than twofold higher energy storage capacity. There are requirements to further improve the rate capability and to reduce water-loss of this battery. In this proposed research, we will use nanotechnology to re-design the cathode materials and electrode structures to improve the rate capability. We will design and fabricate new gel electrolytes which protect the water component from evaporation and thus enhance the battery’s service life. The collective advances attribute to this new battery and make it practical for use as the power source for the electrical system in vehicles. The research knowledge will contribute to the scale-up projects in POSITEC Canada Ltd., a company based in Toronto.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pu Chen


Tuan Hoang




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Waterloo



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