Recipient Perspectives on Private Aid in Tanzania

My research examines the role of private funding as it increasingly shapes international aid. Despite trillions of dollars spent worldwide on government funded official aid, poverty is anything but a thing of the past. From a recipient perspective, is private aid any better? More Canadians are setting up private family foundations, and globally more private funding is flowing to poorer countries annually. Little is known about the work of private development aid in general and even less is known about the recipient’s experience. This research will provide an in-depth, contextually rich examination of the recipients’ experience of private aid in Tanzania. Philanthropic leaders would benefit from this research, which explores the nature, magnitude, reach and impacts of private aid. My internship with Development Action will consist of incorporating research findings into the company’s leadership training and development initiatives. In supporting this proposed research Development Action gains valuable insight into the under-examined topic of private development aid and taps into the potential to become leaders in philanthropic leadership training for donors and non-profit executives.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Leslie King


Carla Funk


Development Action


Environmental sciences


Management of companies and enterprises


Royal Roads University



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