Recommendations for Improving Wetland Compensation in Nova Scotia: Investigating Wetland Significance and Function for the Basis of Reclamation

Atlantic Gold is preparing to start construction for an open pit mine near the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, significant wetlands will have to be altered to complete this construction. The current policies regarding wetland alteration and compensation in Nova Scotia focus on area. For example, if 25 hectares of wetland are to be altered, it is required that Atlantic Gold will have to create 50 hectares of new wetland to compensate. This proposed project looks to find improvements to this policy – specifically, wetland compensation focusing on ecological significance (and not just area). Existing wetland policies will be looked at to try to find best ecological practices, and ultimately see where Nova Scotia’s policies can improve. This will have the goal of providing a guide that Atlantic Gold and future proponents can follow to help ease the process of wetland compensation, as well as rooting these methods in scientific analysis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tony Walker


Mitchell Downton


Atlantic Gold Corporation


Environmental sciences


Natural resources


Dalhousie University



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