Recyclable Photocatalysts for Treating Pulp & Paper Mill Wastewaters

This research project will develop recyclable nanoparticles for water treatment challenges in Canada’s pulp & paper industry. Key advantages of these recyclable nanoparticles are that they are light-activated, do not require the addition of any treatment chemicals to the water, and can be re-used and cycled continuously. The work will focus on developing magnetically response nanoparticles for fast recovery from treated wastewater, innovative photoreactors for activating the nanoparticles, and will test the practicality of these designs to support water re-use efficiency at pulp & paper mills. This research is of interest to H2nanO Inc. to understand how recyclable photocatalysts can be developed to treat diverse wastewater challenges, and will benefit Canada by developing green cleantech solutions to environmental needs in Canadian industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Allen


Tim Leshuk


H2nanO Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Natural resources




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