Red Sucker Lake First Nation traditional land use and land guardianship

This research will enable Red Sucker Lake (RSL) First Nation members to monitor RSL territory, lands and waterways and document Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), including cultural aspects as well as environmental assessment, by video, maps and workshop teachings. In the process, Elders and Knowledge keepers will not only honour their cultural traditions but also train the next generation of leaders and land stewards. This Land Guardian program will use traditional land use, traditional ecological knowledge and ancestral occupancy as key building blocks to build capacity for Indigenous sustainable planning and development activities in RSL. The ultimate goal is to empower the community by increasing local decision-making. So, in summary, Indigenous students and other youth will be trained to be the “boots on the ground” and will act as “eye and ears” of the community. Their observations, combined with traditional and modern knowledge, will lead Strategic Planning for their Ancestral Territory in RSL First Nation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shirley Thompson


Kaoru Suzuki;Folarin Solademi


Yamana Gold


Resources and environmental management




University of Manitoba



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