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BC potato industry is facing a burning problem of finding low value for its second grade potatoes. The sponsor, Heppells Potato Corp, being the largest producer of potatoes in BC is facing the same problem of finding optimized value for its second grade potatoes. Currently these potatoes are just culled. But the market value of these potatoes is equivalent to 10 – 20% of the whole farm’s revenue. Hence they are exploring other options to process and commercialize these potatoes. These options should not affect the current stakeholders of Heppell’s potato Corp and disturb its current revenue channel. The outcomes of this project can also be used to help other similar farmers in BC. The project is mainly focused to assist the industry and not just the sponsor. The topics focused in the project are:

  • New product development,

  • Brand development of farmers owned product and distribution channels.

  • Establish a social media framework for the farms to help them focus on B2B and B2C connections.

  • Renewable bio energy from agriculture wastes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Paul Cubbon


Hari Prasath Udayakumar


Heppells Potato Corp.






University of British Columbia



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