Redefining Recreational River Waves

Wave surfing was traditionally restricted to oceans. Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular in rivers. Although there are some natural surfable waves in rivers, human constructions can provide waves even where they do not naturally exist. However, there is not enough academic support for design and construction of these waves. In this project, the research intern utilizes physical river models to simulate river surfing waves. The industrial partner defines the existing problems and ideas of wave construction which is a result of 10 years of construction experience around the world. The academic supervisor brings the theory of hydraulics and scientific approach to help solving the problem. The main purpose of the research is to optimize and develop an adjustable structure for wave forming. How to sculpt safe and more attractive waves with dynamic shapes is the question that will be answered.

Faculty Supervisor:

Colin Rennie


Puria Asiaban


Surf Anywhere


Engineering - civil



University of Ottawa



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