Redesigning the organization of the future: an investigation and experimentation of new impact-driven business and operational models.

Groundswell, a Toronto-based design consultancy, is seeking to understand, study and experiment with new non-hierarchical organization structures. In partnership with UofT’s Business Design Initiative research team, they will investigate and experiment with the redesign of for-purpose and value-driven organizations to better respond to today’s economic climate described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous or VUCA. They will engage in a series of generative design sessions and prototype new organizational and operational models that prioritize equity, inclusion, and impact over growth and profit-making, for themselves and the clients they serve. This project is significant in generating new knowledge and new models of non-hierarchical organizational structures and processes that will be piloted by Groundswell, resulting in potentially new innovation-service blueprints and/or offerings (aka product, process or service innovation). In addition to applying BDM to their organization, Groundswell has agreed to co-author an instructional case study for use at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Angele Beausoleil


Sofia Lazarte Abarca


Groundswell Projects Inc






University of Toronto



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