Reducing homelessness using direct cash transfers and motivational interventions

This project aims to examine the effect of unconditional direct cash-transfers to recently homeless individuals in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We will conduct a randomized controlled trial to distribute a one-time unconditional $7,500 cash lump sum to 50 recently homeless individuals from shelters in Vancouver. We will also provide a supplementary motivational training for half of the participants. We will also recruit 50 recently homeless individuals as a control group, and half of these participants will also receive motivational training. At 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after the cash transfer, we will follow up with the participants to evaluate the effect of the cash transfer and motivational training. Specifically, we will measure participants’ cognitive function, social connections, housing outcomes, employment outcomes, and health outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jiaying Zhao


Brandon Tomm


Freightledger Technologies Inc




Management of companies and enterprises




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