Reducing Municipal Water Loss and Energy Consumption through Field-based Analytics, Predictive Modelling and Pressure Management

Water loss through background leakage in water distribution systems is increasingly plaguing municipalities. As the cost of energy to treat and transport water steadily rises, and the scarcity of fresh water in communities becomes more prominent, action to replace deteriorating water infrastructure is critical.
The proposed research aims at providing water utilities a cost-efficient method to measure minimum night flows (an indicator of leakage) and to test whether the application of permanent pressure management systems to reduce leakage, and hence pumping as well as other energy inputs, will yield sufficient benefits; benefits that will warrant their permanent implementation as well as drive awareness on leakage reduction practices and value across the industry.
Ultimately, HydraTek will benefit from this research through strengthen skills and increased presence in the water loss sub-sector of municipal engineering services. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Bryan Karney


Bradley Jenks


HydraTek and Associates Inc.


Engineering - civil


Natural resources




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