Reducing Social Isolation Through Better Transportation Options for Seniors

Seniors may experience social isolation when they lose the ability to drive their own car due to the loss of access to services and opportunities to socialize. I will examine the role of public transportation in reducing social isolation for seniors in Metro Vancouver. With BC’s aging population, the transportation needs of this demographic will become increasingly important over the coming decade. While many studies focus on how to ensure seniors can continue driving, this project will focus on barriers to other modes of transportation and programs or options to reduce these barriers. Although increased transportation options alone will not reduce social isolation, access to services and opportunities to socialize are key in reducing and preventing isolation, as well as having stronger, more diverse neighbourhoods. My methodology will be a literature review, a jurisdictional scan, expert interviews, and focus groups.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nancy Olewiler


Sinéad Stinson


Better Environmentally Sound Transportation Society


Public administration


Automotive and transportation


Simon Fraser University



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