Reducing the Carbon Footprint at Hydro One

The purpose of the research project is to develop options for the reduction of the carbon footprint at Hydro One Networks Inc. (HONI). The research will focus on helping HONI meet a reduction goal of half of current emission levels over the next decade. The company has taken preliminary steps to assess and plan for the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint, including the collection of preliminary data and the outlining of programs to reduce their impact on the environment. The research project will further contribute to those efforts by focusing on three outputs: 1) process maps whereby HONI may systematically identify its carbon footprint, 2) scenario analyses to help HONI project its future carbon emissions over varied timelines, and 3) a set of recommended actions to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade. Completing the research will address an identified need at HONI and will provide a tangible demonstration of the company’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment.  

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Cory Searcy


Peter Moore


Hydro One Networks


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry


Ryerson University



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