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Management scholars and practitioners have long recognized that in today’s knowledge economy, an organization’s competitive advantage is determined by how quickly and effectively knowledge can be transferred and shared. The knowledge economy, however, is driven by an aging workforce that is anticipated to retire in record numbers in the coming decade. Despite the impending retirement of valued employees who have amassed critical knowledge, know-how, and experience over their careers, few organizations have actively implemented techniques whereby the knowledge that resides in the  minds of their employees is captured, stored and available for later re-use  and retrieval. The objective of the current study is to contribute to the knowledge continuity literature by developing a methodology in conjunction with SF Marketing, to elicit and capture the tacit knowledge of employees nearing retirement and evaluate whether or not such knowledge can be easily documented. 


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Linda Dyer


Gillian Leithman


SF Marketing




Media and communications


Concordia University



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