Regional Mapping and Geochemistry of the Chilcotin Group Volcanic Rocks, South-central British Columbia

The intern will map, collect field geophysical data and sample the Tertiary Chilcotin Group (CG) volcanic rocks throughout its known extent in southern BC with the intent of creating a new regional geological map for the CG. The Tertiary Chilcotin Group covers approximately 36,500km2 of Mesozoic and Paleozoic basement rocks which are potentially highly prospective for base and precious metal deposits as well as hydrocarbon deposits in the Nechako Basin. However, the nature, distribution, stratigraphy, thickness variation, age and composition of this voluminous flood are poorly known. Map preparation will take place using the partner’s GIS mapping lab to build the coverage, themes and attributes. Subsequent analyses of the rock samples collected will provide compositional and isotopic data in order to better understand the nature and origin of these extensive basalts. The map(s) could provide a more robust decision-making tool for industrial mineral exploration geologists who are extrapolating the regional geology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. James Russell


Jacqueline Dohaney


Natural Resources Canada


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia



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