Regional variability of zooplankton population dynamics in the northwest Atlantic: Assessing environmental effects with an Individual-Based Model

The intern in partnership with Fisheries and Ocean Canada will apply an individual‐based model (IBM) to explore spatial variability in environmental forcing on the population dynamics of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus. The IBM will include information on life history processes of C. finmarchicus (including development time, mortality and egg production rates) as well as the influence of food and temperature on these processes. The results of the model will be compared to data from two stations in the northwest Atlantic (coastal Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) to gain insight into observed temporal variation on C. finmarchicus abundance data for these two areas and the region‐specific effects of climate change on C. finmarchicus population dynamics, and the predator populations they support (fish, birds, whales).

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wendy Gentleman


Dr. Anna B. Neuheimer


Fisheries and Oceans Canada




Fisheries and wildlife


Dalhousie University



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