Reliability Based Design Framework for High Strength Linepipe

The internship objective is to establish a reliability based design framework for high strength linepipe subject to internal pressure, axial force and end moment for monotonic loading conditions. Linepipe grade material with specified minimum yield strength (SMYS) equal to or greater than Grade 550 (X80) is defined as high strength linepipe. The mechanical performance design criteria will be established through the development, calibration and validation of numerical modeling procedures such as finite element. Through a full©scale testing program, experimental data will be used to calibrate the numerical modeling procedures. The final deliverable of this project will be an engineering report providing an overview of the applied methodology, work scope conducted and analysis performed in the development of the limit state function(s) defining design acceptance criteria, in terms of compressive strain limits, for local buckling mechanisms of high strength energy pipelines subject to combined loads. The partner company, IMV Projects Atlantic will acquire direct benefits from the outcome of this project. The engineering knowledge and technology developed through this project can provide a competitive advantage in the global marketplace through the delivery of specialized engineering services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shawn Kenny


Ali Fatemi Emamgheiss


IMV Projects Atlantic




Oil and gas


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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