Religion at Work: Impressions & experiences of young adults of immigrant background in Canada

Working from an existent database of focus groups and interviews conducted in Canadian cities, this project investigates how young adults from established immigrant populations view religious diversity in the workplace. The study is comparative, exploring the impressions and experiences of "religion at work" as they pertain to specific genders, ethnicities and religious backgrounds While participants recounted extensive examples of religious discrimination at work their narratives were also hopeful, delineating successful strategies of inclusion and articulating progress in achieving religious equality at work. The study will provide empirical data that will enrich existing knowledge about managing religious diversity. In collaboration with human rights organizations, human resource professionals and diversity consultants, the research hopes to contribute to effective workplace training and sound policy for religious diversity in the workplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lori Beaman


Arlene Macdonald





Management of companies and enterprises


University of Ottawa



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